Our Cheese

Why Cheddar?

That’s an easy one. We are fortunate to be from Wisconsin the State of Cheese and be surrounded by so many passionate cheese makers here and in our neighboring Midwest states. The passion and affinity that America has for Cheddar cheese is unparalleled. That’s due to the uniqueness of Cheddar and the fact there is a flavor profile and texture for everyone one. From fresh to upwards of 20 years +.

Why Our Cheddar?



We work very closely with all our manufactures to ensure the highest quality of milk, craftsmanship in the cheese making process and stewardship of the land is first and foremost.


With 6 licensed Wisconsin cheese graders on staff our team is well qualified in sourcing the very best cheddars for your needs. Matching the right products according to your profiles and specifications is our forte.


Over two decades ago Ken Neumeier our founder had the vision that aged cheddar could be a specialty cheese. Ken has worked with many cheese makers and cheese factories helping to define the highest standards of quality & grading.


Our passion truly is aging cheese with purpose. We nurture every piece of cheese, lot and vat that comes through our warehouses as it were individually unique and special. Because it is!

Cheese Facts

48% of all specialty cheese produced in the U.S. comes out of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the only state in the U.S. that requires a license to make and grade cheese

Wisconsin wins more awards for cheese than any other state or country

WI Cheese Facts

10-year Increase in WI Cheese Production
Cheddar Market Share of WI Cheese Production
WI Market Share of US Cheese Production

US Cheese Facts

Cheddar Market Share of US Cheese Production
Percent of US Grocery Stores Selling WI Cheese
Consecutive Years of US Cheese Production Growth

Our Brand

724 Wisconsin Select

Hand-selected from the very best aged cheddars made in Wisconsin by our 2nd generation Wisconsin Licensed Cheese Grader #724 and his team.