Wisconsin is home to Ken Neumeier, who was born to grade cheese. He is the son of the late Eugene Neumeier, who at age 18, became one of the youngest licensed cheese graders in WI, at that time. Gene had worked in the cheese industry for over 32 years. Ken began his career in the cheese industry in 1971. He went to work for a prominent Green Bay cheese company, where he performed shipping, receiving and inventory duties. During this time he received the W.D.A. American Cheese Graders License #724.
Among his 50+ years in the cheese industry, Ken’s duties included: the supervising of grading, blending, formulating, purchasing and cheese warehousing. He has been a plant manager and a production superintendent and worked with all of the State and Federal inspection boards and licensing authorities. Ken also spent several years in sales and procurement where he managed set aside programs and grading. Ken had a vision that Wisconsin Cheddar would become a sought after specialty cheese, and it has. In 2000 he began Wisconsin Aging & Grading Cheese, Inc. (aka WAG) a 40# & 640# wholesale aging & grading cheddar cheese company.
Going from a vision to a reality, WAG Cheese provides top tier quality Aged Wisconsin and Midwest cheddar to the industry. Ken, along with the WAG cheese team, which includes his 3rd generation WI Licensed Cheese grader daughters, Kate Neumeier Clarke and Amanda Neumeier-Kist,
are dedicated to service and to listening to our customers. He has propelled the company by using only high quality cheddar cheese.
In the fall of 2018, their retail brand 724 Wisconsin Select, 724, was created and launched. www.724wiselect.com. Thus, bringing the consumer direct access to some of the finest 3 year, 7 year, 11 year, and 15 year old Aged Wisconsin Cheddar cheese out there. In the Summer of 2022, the newest member of 724 will be released and will include, HARMONY, a trifecta of flavor offered in a white aged cheddar.
The company is now in secession to transition leadership to the 3rd generation. Kate Neumeier Clarke is continuing to uphold and preserve the strong foundation in which Ken paved which is passion, quality, dedication, and consistency in all they do. Call WAG Cheese today to find out what you have been missing in a high quality cheddar in a set aside, spot sale, and/or aging and grading program, 1.920.759.1534.